Parental Alienation is Cruel to Children

Learn How To Circumvent, Defy, Diffuse & Possibly Eradicate Parental Alienation!

A Child Has the Right to Love BOTH Parents!

If your ex-spouse is keeping your child from you or has coerced your child to fear, reject or disrespect you, you and your child may be victims of parental alienation.


Parental alienation not only harms and fractures families, it hurts children forever.

I have developed a comprehensive program,

 Pass on Parental Alienation that addresses ALL

 the issues surrounding parental alienation.

In my five-module online course,
 I cover what so many others
 don’t want to talk about:

  • The eight manifestations of parental alienation.
  • How parental alienation impacts your child and your family.
  • Why the courts, therapists, custody evaluators, and parent coordinators get it all wrong and how you can help them get it “right.”
  • How to find the right attorney for parental alienation and how the court system can help, if you approach it the right way.
  • The ways to communicate with your child no matter what your ex-spouse says or does.

 ...and so much more

This program is unrivaled by anything else out there.

I have decades of experience in the legal profession and coaching people just like you!

Meet Your Certified Divorce Coach

My name is Susan Shofer and as a Certified Divorce Coach, private investigator, author, and speaker who most recently performed a TEDx talk, I have met hundreds of people just like you, just like me, who have experienced divorce. I know what it takes to get you through your divorce so that you may land into your best life.



a $999 value

A Five Module Program

  • An informative 45+ minute video in each module with extensive information.
  • Downloadable PDFs with additional information and resources.
  • Lifetime access to the materials in the course.

Also Included

  • An invitation to our private Facebook Group that I am personally engaged in. Parental Alienation is very isolating. Here you can communicate with me and others who have purchased the program.
  • Access to a weekly Facebook Live Q&A in the Facebook group on Mondays at 7 PM US Eastern Time.


As one who has experienced divorce and its litany of struggles -- including many portrayed -- I found myself asking 'Where was this program when I need its wisdom?' ... Susan Shofer goes above and beyond to dive into the emotional turmoil surrounding many divorces.

Robert Y.

Great, sound and practical advice. Susan doesn't sugarcoat what you will go through. She does help you understand what your priorities need to be and gives you an idea of what you should expect when going through a divorce.

Starling R.

You need this if you are getting divorced. It is incredible and concise and gives you the tools you need to get through divorce. It gave me the foundation I needed to focus. It also made me feel not so alone. With the kids involved and so much else going on, this was a Godsend.

Melissa P.

You and your child have a right to have a relationship.

Your ex-spouse is NOT the decider.

Your friend,